Anonymous group threaten to take down Facebook and Zynga tomorrow Nov. 5

Guys, do as much Facebooking you can today, because Anonymous is bringing it all down tomorrow Nov. 5. Internet hacktivist group “Anonymous” have threatened to take down Facebook and release Zynga’s portfolio of games for free.

Who is Zynga anyway?, Zynga is a gaming company which happens to be closely related Facebook. How?, Zynga dominates the social gaming market, with hugely popular games including FarmVille, Mafia Wars and Words with Friends. It also accounted for 14 percent of Facebook’s total revenue and that’s how the relationship between Facebook and Zynga is quite symbiotic.

Anonymous group threaten to take down Facebook

Anonymous group better known for its DDoS (distributed denial of service) and website defacement attacks, has pledged to take down Facebook tomorrow – Monday, Nov. 5, unless the closely affiliated gaming company Zynga agrees to back off on plans to lay off 1,000 employees.

Earlier this month during Apple’s recent iPad Mini event, Zynga’s had announced that it will lay off 1,000 of its employees and begin outsourcing work to third parties in a bid to save money and stay afloat. And this is how Zynga has made it to the list of Anonymous groups latest target.

If Anonymous makes Zynga’s games available to the masses for free it would have a devastating effect on Zynga’s business, stock price and advertising revenue. and as far as Facebook is concerned, Anonymous have threatened to ‘take down Facebook’ several times before. It hasn’t happened yet, and it is unlikely to happen.

Here’s the official statement quote from Anonymous website:

[quote_simple]Zynga customers and Facebook users, We are anonymous.

During the last few days anonymous has been targeting Zynga for the outrageous treatment of their employees and their actions against many developers. We have come to believe that this actions of Zynga will result in massive layoff of a thousand people and legal actions against everyone that speaks to the public about this plan. It will also come to end of the US game market as we know it as all this jobs will be replaced in other more convenient financial countries. With a billion dollars cash sitting in a bank we do believe that such actions are an insult to the population and the behavior of corporations like Zynga must change. Anonymous could not allow this to happen so it’s starting to release confidential documents we have leaked on this plan. As we speak we are planning to release also all the games we’ve taken from their servers for free. That being said we will stop the idea of the distribution of such games if Zynga will cease immediately the plan.[/quote_simple]

Source: http://anonnews.org/forum/post/9195/