The truth about Hackolo “Android phone hacker” Software

Disclaimer! This article is for Information purpose only. Please do not try the software listed here.

So today i came across this good for nothing windows software dubbed as “Android phone hacker”, which is just another fake phone hacking software targeted to curious fellas who want to spy on their partners phone activities.

The website ( which is hosting this “Android phone hacker” software has loads of other fake software’s like facebook hacker, hosted on its server.

They first ask you to download the executable file and install it on your computer. This executable file inturn installs adware without your consent.

The software claims to hack any android phone user provided you have his/her phone number. It says you and your victim should be connected to internet all the time while it hacks into the phone. Once connected you will be able to import any files from the victims android device. This is absolute bullshit.

Hackolo Android phone hacker tool

Apparently once you download the software, to be able to proceed they ask you for activation code. To get this activation code you will either have to complete some offers/surveys or actually buy the license using online payment options.

This is another trick to carry out identity theft and in the worst case stealing your credit card details.

So, the ‘Android phone hacker’ is just another android hacking tool amongst thousands of others which deals with installing malwares on its users computer and steal sensitive information.

Android phone hacker activation key

To make it look genuine they even go one step further and post fake user reviews and even hacking tutorials on YouTube. but when you actually try to install them you will never see them working, instead harming your own computer system.

So folks, don’t trust random android hacking softwares. They might not hack into your victims phone, but they might infect your system with spyware designed to steal your personal data, which could actually be worse. To know how exactly android phone tapping works, please check our previous article: How to tap a mobile phone remotely.