5 Must have Google Chrome Extensions for Facebook Addicts!

Recently i had introduced you a New Web-browser Specially made for Facebook users called Rockmelt. Though it looked Cool, i didn’t like it much. the reason that led me Dislike it is because of too much of facebook influence. If you happen to be the same as me, here’s i have compiled 5 Best and must have Google Chrome Extensions for you. These Extensions will surely gonna take you to the next level of facebook addiction.

1) Beautify Facebook Awesome Edit

Beautify Facebook adds an extra punch to your Facebook experience with trendy design and best-of-all it categorizes everything into rounded rectangles. One thing is for sure, if you install it all your friends will look at your browser window with envy ! It provides Range of Background images and the Best part is it is fully customizable. After Installing it adds Options beside your regular profile link on the top-right area.
Recommended Background img: http://beautify.it/public_images/1297561485_945.jpg

Beautify Facebook CR Edit make facebook beutiful

2) Friends Mural

Friends Mural is a powerful Facebook client that allows you to add up to 24 friends on a Fancy wall and keeps you updated on your beloved ones. One click to see your news feed directly in the extension. The mural shows you which friends are recently updated. You can click on their photos to see their latest posts. Clicking a post will bring you to a Facebook page where you can comment on them.

Friends Mural

3) Facebook Dashboard

The Facebook Dashboard lets you easily change your Facebook status, check messages and friend activities, as well as comment on and like or unlike posts. It is a compact Facebook dashboard utility with an automatically updating counter which basically has two tabs – one for you and the other one meant for your friends. With the ‘Me’ tab you can update your Facebook status while for ‘Friends’ the dashboard application allows you to track their new activities and messages sent by them. You can set the timer update value for the extension which ranges between 1 minute & 60 minutes.

Facebook Dashboard

4) Facebook Photo Zoom

Facebook Photo Zoom‘ allows you to zoom the images on your news feed itself rather than opening the photo in a new Page. Facebook Photo Zoom is a simple, light-weight extension that integrates directly into Facebook so you can see the larger images of photo albums, profile photos and more whenever you hover over a zoomable image!

Facebook Photo Zoom

5) Facebook Full Screen Video

Full Screen Video extension adds the full screen option to YouTube & Vimeo videos in Facebook. It Enables you to View embedded videos in fullscreen at Facebook itself Rather than clicking the video link and view it on YouTube.

Facebook Full Screen Video