Dual WhatsApp Trick – GBWhatsApp version 4.7 is here!

If you happen to be using GBWhatsApp or ENWhatsApp for the purpose of having 2 WhatsApp accounts on single phone, You might have been not able to use it recently as almost all of those old modded WhatsApp files have become absolute.

Using modded WhatsApp is not the only option if you want to operate 2 WhatsApp accounts from your phone (Dual WhatsApp), I had listed a quite legitimate option to modded WhatsApp in my previous post: Ways to Install multiple WhatsApp’s.

However if you want to stick to using modded WhatsApp, then here is the latest GBWhatsApp Apk.

Download: GBWhatsApp version 4.7 apk


Before you Install this Apk to your phone, Make sure you do these 2 steps first:

Step 1
Create a new folder in your root directory of the phone and name it to GBWhatsapp (Follow the same path where your original WhatsApp folder is present.

Step 2
Now copy folder “database” from Whatsapp folder to GBWhatsapp folder. Your directory structure will look something like this:

Dual whatsapp trick - GB whatsapp latest

Once you have done these 2 things, Go ahead and transfer GBWhatsApp Apk file to your phone.

INSTALL it and follow the verification process of your new account (With new phone number).

After verification the app will detect the database file and will ask you whether database needs to be restored. Just skip this step and you are done.

Note: The 2 steps mentioned above are very important as to bypass possible app freezing issue. Once you are inside your new WhatsApp account you can delete database files from database folder of GBWhatsapp