No Doubt Internet Is Full of Scam and Fraud Websites. People are Getting Scammed Knowingly and If you are a Newbie internet user, The Chances of getting Scammed are enormous. The Worst Part is some Major Advertising Networks do allow these fraud websites to advertise on their Network. I remember My earlier days when i was New to Internet, I used to Try a hell lot of such “Make money” Schemes. I was Introduced to Internet in such a way that the only thing in my Mind was “make money Online and Get Rich Quickly” and Believe me i was Scammed 100 times.

How to Tell if a Website is Scam Fraud  elena dating scam redhotpie dating scam red hot pie dating scams internet dating scams nigerian dating scammers nigerian romance scammers Get Rich schemes are all over the internet. Almost all of them claim to have the secret to making money fast and with very little effort or time, once you know their secret. Of course, the truth is that if ANYONE had a secret to Get Rich Quick, it would be headline news and certainly they wouldn’t have wasted time in selling that Secret. But there are some legitimate affiliate programs, work from home plans and other means to earn money in your spare time. But How do i Recognize the Scam Website from the Legitimate Websites?

Before you checkout at any Website you must ask yourself these questions: Is that website legitimate? Should you give them your credit card number? Or is it a scam? Some websites look great and offer you great prices on hot products or get-rich schemes. But is it for real? It is difficult to know whether a flashy, professional looking website has a real, reputable company behind it. There is no way to ask the Website Itself, but if a website exhibits any of the the Below listed Features, You Should Flag it as likely scam. Here are Some Features of Scam or Fraud Website:

  • No Contact Information or uses Only Contact Form. Refuses to give you a physical address or Gives Wrong Contact Information including Wrong Phone Number.
  • Makes an offer that sounds too good to be true. For eg: Promises that you can win money, make money, or Get Rich Quickly.
  • Asks for money to enter a contest, win a sweepstakes or lottery, or claim a prize and Refuses to send you written information before you agree to buy or donate.
  • Refuses to give you the details of the offer before you make any payment.
  • Requests your bank account or credit card number when you are not making a purchase with that account.
  • Uses scare tactics or pressure, so that you act immediately.
  • Private listing at Whois, or the listing names are associated with other scams. Go to and look up the Website domain name.

-Still Confused ?

Fraud scam websites FraudlentIf you are Still Confused with any Website whether it is legitimate or Scam, Do a Simple Google Search. For example if you want to Know if is a Scam or Not, Just Type in ‘ Scam‘ You will have Thousand Reasons to Give up that Website.

I am damn sure you will not Give up Trying those Scam Websites saying: am not Loosing anything, whats wrong in Trying That, I have Lots of Spare Time. The Reason You Shouldn’t Try those is that normally those make money websites offer Referral Program and there are 100% Chances that you will try to earn from that Unknowingly that you are Pushing other people or your Friends into a Scam. Believe It!

-Website To Checkout: – A Message board for posting various and Get Information on Various Fraud Websites – Want justice!? Report any scam, fraud, complaint or review on any type of company, individual, service or product here.

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