Delete Autorun.inf Virus without any Software!

There are Numerous softwares available that exclusively deal with Autorun.inf and other Autorun viruses, for example ‘USB Disk Security’. But Inspite of installing such kind of software, Sometimes you might accidentally open your USB disk Drive (Pen-drive) without looking at the warning by your Antivirus Software and thus Affecting your System with Autorun.inf virus. Once Autorun.inf gets control on your System, it will repeatedly Block any USB Scanning Software preventing it from deleting. It also Restricts you from opening hard drives on a double click.

In such cases, the Traditional Method of deleting Suspicious Programs Using Command Prompt is quite Useful. So Lets start with the Steps:

# 1. Open command prompt. Go to start > Run, and type “cmd” . Press enter.

# 2. Type “cd\” and press enter to get to the root directory of your System.

# 3. Type “attrib -h -r -s autorun.inf” and press enter. This will look for autorun.inf in the selected Drive.

# 4. Type “del autorun.inf” and press enter. This will delete autorun.inf virus from the selected Drive.

How to Delete Autorun.inf Virus from pendrive without any Software

# 5. Repeat the above Steps for other drives. To navigate to other Drives, First type “cls” to clear your ‘command prompt’ then type “d:” . Repeat the Steps for all the Drives including your USB Disk Drive.

# 6. Restart your System.

  • Nikhil

    another way to remove it (including some other virus types) is
    – select the drive containing autorun.inf in same way as shown in above snapshot.
    – type “attrib -s -h *.* /s /d” (without quotes)
    – check the contents of the drive for possible autorun.inf (or any other virus that u can recognize) by typing “dir” (without quotes)
    – once u find it just rename it to any other name (possibly making it unusable) by typing “rename autorun.inf abcd” (without quotes)
    – now you can delete this newly named file by typing “del abc” (without quotes) or directly going in that respective drive.
    – reason for typing “attrib -s -h *.* /s /d” before checking drive contents is that some of the viruses are hidden and bypass the “dir” command and are not listed in cmd window.

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    i would like to add some text here but im affraid that is too much to explain in one message maybe even in few.
    This is one of ways to do that but depends is that autorun.inf just maked for “one use” or something copy him all over again.there is also versions where are exe files involved and even .dll files.
    I can explain step by step but also can recommend tool for cleaning most of those malicious programs.anybody interested?

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