Best Proxy Software to Unblock Blocked Websites!

We have already seen, how we can unblock any blocked websites such as social networking sites in colleges, using proxies. bad thing about proxies is that they get banned very quickly and we look for newer working proxies. The alternate solution to such issue is desktop proxy software’s. There are many proxy software’s available…. which helps you in unblocking and blocked websites and one of them is Ultrasurf. But few of them are user friendly. one of that kind is Ultrasurf.

Ultrasurf is a light weight desktop application which will let you browse through a different proxy server. screen shot of the working Ultrasurf software :
Download Ultra surf:

How do i Use Ultra surf?

Download ultra surf and once download is completed. Simply start the software. Once you will run this software, it will try to connect to its server.
once it’s successfully connected. You can start browsing directly from Internet explorer.

How do i Connect if you are behind a Proxy firewall?
In some colleges or offices, you need proxy settings to access internet. In this case open Ultra surf, click on options and configure your proxy settings to connect to internet. Now it will connect to its server using your provided proxy settings.
How do i configure other browsers to use Ultra surf settings?

When you open Ultra surf, it will automatically configure your Internet explorer settings to use Ultra surf proxy settings. But if you want to use it on other browser like Mozilla firefox or anything else, you need to change the proxy settings of browser to use :

* IP :
* Port : 9666

I hope this tutorial will help you gain access to useful sites to acquire more and more knowledge.

  • Well! Ultrasurf is designed to be a free http proxy tool, but there are some controversies about it.
    I heard that it contains a virus / malware that is nearly stealth and undetectable to normal virus scanners because of it's heuristic avoidance and encrypted payloads.
    However, some antivirus programs (e.g.Nod32) detected Ultrasurf is a malware. For example see the result here…

  • Ultrasurf was not and now is not a malicious software, it's an anti-filter and by-passer software, I'm using it right now, it has no problem …nothing malicious about that!!

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